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10% of profits from these keychains will be donated to The Trevor Project, the world's largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQ youth. (I will provide donation updates on my social media!)

each of these funny little creatures are based off some of the flags within the LGBT+ community, i had so much fun designing every one! they are meant to be semi-discreet, yet recognizable if mentioned. just a funny little baby to bring around and represent you + your pride!

as a lesbian, the trevor project means a lot to me and my peers. i really appreciate what they do for LGBT+ youth & community! if you happen to have the money, please consider picking one up for you or your friends so we can help support them together even after pride month!

Enamel keychain printed on one side with metal loop chain. The other side features my pokopipo guy and logo.
Each one measures to ~1.5"


outside packaging is discreet and will not include anything related to the lgbt community or pride for your safety.

the most i usually do is doodle a little kitty or doggy with marker on packages/letters, if you'd like to opt out of the marker doodle (just in case the outside doodle makes others around you nosy 😥) please let me know in the "Leave a little note for Jane!" section at the shopping cart page, right before checkout.

I do not include any type of list/receipt on or inside orders, so lgbt terms will not be shown anywhere. (in the past I did include a thank you note for donating to the Trevor Project but I will not do this from now on for everyone's safety! however, please know that I am thanking you for your donation (in spirit) from the bottom of my heartttttt 🥺💞

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