pokopipo cinematic universe

muhahaha welcome to my twisted mind...


pipo is a fat little weasel doggy.

she lives behind a school dumpster

and loves to eat pencils!

shrimp the brown labrador puppy


shrimp is a very mischievous brown

labrador puppy. give her food

or she will cause trouble!

kippy the gray pitbull


kippy is a kind, sleepy gray pitbull,

he runs the local laundromat

and somehow always loses a sock in the wash!

jing the carpenter tiger


jing is an aspiring carpenter tiger.

sometimes she slacks off and

plays video games during work hours,

but please don't tell her boss!

poby the golden retriever


poby is a country gal golden retriever.

she speaks in a southern accent and

runs the local boot store!

her favorite food is french fry.

yucky, an angry little guy


yucky is an angry little guy.

he wears gloves all the time because

he's terrified of germs!

bibo, an evil type of pipo?


no one knows what they are....

we think they are an evil type of pipo?

who are they..

(design credits go to my gf hehe)

kimmy the little alligator


kimmy is a silly little alligator.

her biggest dream is becoming an idol!

loopy is her best friend.

loopy the purple alien dog


loopy is an alien doggy.

she can stretch really long

and loves doing makeup!

kimmy is her best friend.

toby the brown golden retriever


toby is poby's baby brother!

he loves trains and dreams to be

a train conductor one day.

multiple bright colored germs


omg ewww germs, so germy!

(don't worry, they are friendly germs.)