picture of austin moon from austin & ally, just kidding it's jane hoang creator of pokopipo


Hello! I'm Jane Hoang and I'm a Chinese-Vietnamese graphic designer/illustrator based in California.

I love making cute & funny things that can make people smile.. or laugh! My work is inspired by my own experiences growing up, favorite childhood cartoons, and children's media.

Recently, my art is focused on portraying happy, almost-utopian environments through bright colors, friendly shapes, and most importantly.. affordable housing! haha

Hope you enjoy your time here.

How do you pronounce POKOPIPO?

- (Poke-oh-pee-po)

What does POKOPIPO mean?

- POKOPIPO is what I call my two made-up species; pokos (dog aliens) and pipos (round earth creatures). POKOPIPO is also a noun, a feeling, and a way of life.

Ex: Jane was feeling very POKOPIPO today. (who knows what that means)

affordable animal apartment illustration

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• Domestic orders will most likely take a week or two to arrive.

• Holiday seasons will most likely take longer.

• International packages could take 3-12 weeks due to covid-19.

• Certain countries have suspended international mail due to the pandemic. Please check if your country is eligible here.

• Due to VAT issues being beyond my understanding, I do not ship to the UK, sorry!

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I do not accept refunds but if I've made a mistake on your order I will try my best to exchange/make it right for you!

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Other than that please feel free to leave silly little notes or tell me about your day even. (I love that lol!!)


Please email me at janeNhoang@gmail.com for any questions.

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